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learning to shape our internal landscapes and listen to our intuition, one breath at a time. 

Become an advocate for rest


Gwendolyn Ren offers instruments of pause that nurture a beautiful and sustainable life, including:

  • reiki and integrative energy healing

  • restorative yoga and rest practices including yoga nidra

  • breath as the language of our nervous system

  • trainings, mentorship and consulting

  • contemplative and almost silent retreats

Holding space to integrate our experiences allows for the natural processes of growth. The process of learning who we are, our relationship with ourselves, and how this fundamentally impacts the ways in which we interact with the world around us.  Not a process of being healed, but learning how to heal.    That intrinsically, we were designed to heal.  That being a human being is hard, and asks a lot of us, but that we have a choice in our response.  

That we function better when we are rested, tended.    

Through intuitive movement, intentional stillness, energy therapies and active manifestation, Gwen seeks to objectively explore with you both your vulnerabilities and your potential.  The beauty and the power in both.

Gwen has been shaped by her childhood in the Ojai Valley and her mother’s garden.  A writer and Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, Gwen holds 500+ hours of yoga training and study and an insatiable quest for seeking her own truths. 


I am so glad you are here.

why rest?

Within the constant barrage of stimuli that is presented to us and taken on by us, we aren’t taught how to offset stress. To remember to connect with ourselves, our intuition and the great well of potential that we have, untapped, when our tasks are unceasing. It is important that we understand the distinction between deliberate rest, distraction and sleep.