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Reiki Day Retreat & Attunement

This day in the woods catalyzes our healing, connects us, clears us. Starts a journey of deep work that untangles the webs. Gentle and nurturing, Reiki is simple yet powerful medicine, available to all of us.

We'll nestle into the woods, watch the leaves dance, lay on the ground. Share pieces of our stories, meet ourselves and each other there. Woven together by our humanness, and something more. Brought together by our curiosity. Our willingness to explore this tapestry: illuminate it, work with it, mend it, share it, help others mend, too.

Gwendolyn Ren is a nurturer, space holder, guider of movement, guardian of stillness, and Reiki Master. Fourth generation Japanese American, her integrative practices are influenced by traditional Japanese Reiki methods, intuition, nature, the beauty and balance in all things, and an insatiable quest for seeking her own truths.

This retreat can be taken as part of the Restorative & Reiki Training and Immersion or on its own. Limited spots are available.

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As a system of energetic healing, Reiki helps to relieve stress, reduce pain, release emotional blocks, gently shift outmoded beliefs or thought patterns, and hold space for receptivity and intuition.

This retreat style dive into the modality of Reiki as a catalyst for healing and a tool for holding space is beneficial to all, wherever you are on your journey (and even to those that have previously received Reiki I attunements). Reiki I, or Shoden, is the first of the attunements, and no pre-requisites are required (though it is recommended that you have at least one Reiki treatment in advance of our attunement).

Our day together will include:
the history of Reiki, the Reiki precepts, offering Reiki to yourself and others, connecting to the soul of the practice, hand placements, meditations and a beautiful mid-century modern setting in the woods. Reiki I offers deep personal healing and a lifetime attunement to this powerful and gentle healing modality.

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