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receptivity: a healing series


After a hiatus, we are so grateful to host the third in our offerings of Receptivity. 

Filled with connection and intuitive guidance, this special class holds space for you to cultivate a relationship with yourself. To map your emotional landscape. To reaffirm the importance of time to process, integrate, and release. Stillness is a practice. It is not always easy, not always forgiving. But it asks of us to be quiet. To be patient. What if waiting felt like a gift instead of a challenge to speed up?

Offering deep yet subtle work the session incorporates Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing (with crystal & tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and shruti box), relaxation, intuitive energy work (reiki, reflexology and marma), a collaboration between Stacey Pickering and Gwendolyn Hashimoto. 

Class size is limited to 10 and the investment (in yourself and our work) is $40 per person. 

This event is Sold Out. 

community savasana abide yoga

community savasana at abide yoga

Never underestimate the power of taking a midday rest. Rest helps us to process all that happens to us, all that we do and feel.

Community savasana is here! From 1-3PM on Friday, May 25th, drop in, pull up some bolsters, blankets, sandbags, and a cup of tea, and REST. You might even bring a journal to help you process what comes up while you're still and quiet.

Gwendolyn Hashimoto and Hope Hamling Hood will be there to help you get comfortable and to give you a little bit of hands-on support to bring you to a state of ease.

By donation, suggested $15-20, but nobody will be turned away for financial reasons.

Drop ins are welcome, no reservation required, but if you'd like to let us know that you're coming you can reserve your spot by clicking on the photo to register.

restorative yoga moca cleveland gwendolyn ren

restorative yoga in the gallery at moca cleveland

Eastern philosophies and religious traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism, the mind and body’s relationship to consciousness, and the fundamental structures of healing in the natural and human worlds underpin INDUCTION. Weaving sound, touch, and image in a low-lit, deep blue space, INDUCTION encourages awareness of the relationship and balance between body, mind, and spirit. MOCA is offering a series of Saturday morning classes led by area experts designed to support these reflective experiences and build mindfulness.


Join Gwendolyn Ren, certified Yoga Instructor of Cleveland’s Abide Yoga for Restorative yoga. This passive practice is an aid for stiffness, anxiety, tension, busyness and insomnia it is also a practice of abiding that, integrated into our lives, can teach us about patience, observance and the profound effects of response versus reaction. Restorative Yoga aims to nurture the parasympathetic nervous system, by allowing space for relaxation and rest.

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what we've planted in the spring, held in our care, has begun to wild. when first rising from our dormancy, we set our intentions, draw up our plans, wash ourselves with hope and watch closely for the first signs of growth.

for a time, our careful tending repeats again and again our mantras of unfurling.

and then with the summer, they become untamed. rampant. our lives take on lives of their own. the sun tugging at our shoots and sending our limbs wild, it's easy to forget to pause. to redraw the lines as they take shape. to notice clearly who we've become.

this session of reiki + restorative is guided by the ways in which we expand. the ways in which our native hearts beat, keeping the rhythm of our days and ways. a chance to check in. to take up space and to be deliberate about what we hold, and what holds us. 

the juxtaposition between something deeply personal and the shared experience of breath and being with those around us. spacious, we offer ourselves the chance to reflect, tune in, tune out.


Restorative Yoga is tender and pervasive work, creating subtle opening in the body and mind through passive practices that ask us to let go and observe. 

Reiki is a Japanese modality of energetic healing, that Gwen approaches as intuitive touch, and comforting connection. 

This session is limited to six, to ensure the personal and attentive space that we create together. 

Investment is $60.

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february 24 - june 09, 2018 at moca cleveland

MOCA Exterior 3_Dean Kaufman.jpg

Beginning February 24th, Abide Yoga launches its collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland MOCA! Leading classes in the gallery, surrounded by the work of INDUCTION: Tauba Auerbach and Eliane Radigue we'll share mindful based practices of stillness and movement to experience ourselves, and the installations, in a new and immersive way.

Yin - February 24, April 14, June 09 (with Hope)
Restorative - March 10, May 26 (with Gwen)
Vinyasa - March 24, May 12 (with Hope)
Slow and Low - April 28 (with Gwen)

june 10 - 22, 2018 at penland school of craft (penland, nc)

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Penland offers a haven for creative expression.  Sessions throughout the year, intensives in drawing, clay, metals, iron, glass, photography, textiles, printmaking, wood, and more, allow new and experienced students alike to experiment, learn and transform.

As a compliment to artistic growth and the demands of the physical body in such endeavors, Penland responds,  "Craft is about materials, design, technique, equipment, and the creative impulse—but it is also about movement.


Whatever the medium, there is a stance, a rhythmic repetition, or an engagement of the body that is part of the process of making. The movement program at Penland is based on the belief that ease of movement is an aid to the creative process. Movement classes are available during Penland sessions at no charge. Movement instructors come from a variety of disciplines."

More information about Penland, it's programs, and scholarship/work-study opportunities are available here:

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04.28.18     Slow + Low in the Gallery at MOCA Cleveland

03.10.18     (Sold Out) Restorative Lab: Belly, Back and Twists at Abide Yoga

03.10.18     (Sold Out) Restorative Yoga in the Gallery at MOCA Cleveland

12.30.17     (Sold Out) Cocoon: Reiki + Restorative at Abide Yoga

11.25.17     (Sold Out) Sounds of Stillness: Sound bath and Meditation at Abide Yoga

10.29.17     (Sold Out) Sounds of Stillness: Sound, Meditation & Reiki, a fundraiser for Vieques, PR, as they recover from Hurricane Maria at Abide Yoga