manifestation practices (part one)

Are you interested in nurturing your natural intuition?

Are you birthing a project, taking a leap, or seeking clarity?

Our intuition is our internal compass and until you connect with this part of yourself, this tool for becoming, it projects as a knowing, a hunch, or an inclination. Sometimes there's noise, or we're distracted, and we don't notice it at all.   Intentional space offers us a chance to process and integrate, and in that expansiveness we learn to trust ourselves.   Trust that inherently we will always have the capacity to identify boundaries, limitations, expectations, needs - and then to choose deliberately either to work with them, or release them.  

Through conversation, connection, concept building, intention setting and energy work together we explore the creativity and possibility of your purpose.  A platform for discovery.


// Manifestation sessions may include:

A checkin and conversation about your project or state of being

Chakra or aura clearing

Intention setting (planting the seed)

A reiki and/or restorative based session (watering the seed)

Ear seeds, aromatherapy, sacred sounds, marma, journaling

Creative brainstorming, crystal healing or flower essences, tarot or oracle cards

A follow up after your session with customized reflections on your journey

INITIAL INVESTMENT // $150 (90-120 minute session)

FOLLOW UP SESSIONS // $110 (90-120 minute session)