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Intuitive Flow allows the body to be expressive.   An opportunity for exploration.   Sequenced mindfully, Gwen's approach to somatic movement is a natural unfolding - what feels like it should happen next?  How can we use movement to loosen, breath to soften, and stability to strengthen.   She encourages you to stay with what feels beneficial, even if this is a little uncomfortable sometimes, while working to train us to notice the difference between discomfort and pain.    In this process of learning to listen and trust ourselves can our body and mind begin to feel truly free.


allow yourself to be curious,

to be an explorer; clamoring about

new found worlds,

the universe held in the tender spaces


between soft breath and soft body.

weekly class at abide yoga cleveland

Tuesdays, 7pm - 8pm

Slow & Low is a gentle, low to the ground practice exploring breath awareness and the edges of your personal practice.   Subtle movement is key; A mindful, stretch-y, low-structure class. "Restorative in Motion". 

Drop in rates are $16 and class passes as well as sliding scale monthly packages are available. 

corporate & group

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