caesura // the pause


caesura // a rhythmical pause, break or interruption in music, poetry, or another work of art.  usually, a "caesura" means total silence, but not for long. 

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Holding space for others to explore, process and integrate their lives is the most beautiful work I have ever experienced.   As teachers, in this month long immersion we'll look at the art of rest, of subtle openings, thoughtful support and energetic guidance as ways to, as Ram Dass puts it "walk each other home".

this 28 hour program offers:

  • Mindful intention setting and clarification of purpose when teaching Restorative Yoga
  • Learn about deliberate rest, its benefits and its effects on the nervous system
  • Reiki I attunement
  • Examination of Restorative Yoga poses, and modifications for every body
  • Identifying discomfort and finding comfort
  • Adjustments and support using subtle energy points (as found in marma and acupressure)
  • Embodying the role as a teacher, the language of rest + holding space
  • Respect for the individual experience
  • Breathwork and Sequencing
  • A written handbook
  • Six hours of 1:1 Mentorship
  • An intimate program, only six students

in person dates:

Spring 2019 dates to be announced soon!


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about gwen + these practices 

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My passion and advocacy for rest grows every day and though I have studied it for years, it is through living it that I feel I understand the practices of Restorative Yoga from this deep, cellular level.   It is through love, grief, uncertainty and change that r e s t and I have found each other, have carried each other.  Largely self-taught, it is through my own practice and unrelenting inquisition that I introduce deliberate rest back into our community as an accessible, creative, fluid practice - something reminiscent of its Iyengar lineage but also something new and intuitive at the same time.   

Deliberate rest is time to process and to integrate our experiences and to recondition our nervous system.   To remind us all of the power we carry in our breath.  The power in our surrender.  To remember what it feels like to be supported (literally).  

Holding space can only be done with great purpose.  How clear it is in those moments: the pervasiveness of our conditioning, of our expectations, of our boundaries and lack there of.  There is an intensity, a gentleness, a vulnerability in sharing these moments with others.  In being a companion to this quietude.  In helping others feel expansive.   Reiki, or subtle energy work, helps us better see through this lens, helps us offer ourselves in comforting and deep ways to witness these shifts.  

If this resonates with you, let us  g a t h e r.

I am so glad you made your way here.  This is your invitation: become an advocate for rest.  

We are all in this together, stronger together.

to apply + for more information 

Spring 2019 dates for Caesura will be announced soon!

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