caesura // a rhythmical pause, break or interruption in music, poetry, or another work of art.  usually, a "caesura" means total silence, but not for long. 

a 28 hour Restorative Yoga & Reiki Immersion

for the Teacher or the Student.

Holding space for ourselves and others to explore, process and integrate their lives is the most beautiful work I have ever experienced.   This immersion looks at the art of rest, of subtle openings, thoughtful support and energetic guidance as ways to, as Ram Dass puts it "walk each other home".

Restorative Yoga Training at Abide Yoga Cleveland

Friday, October 4, 2019, 6pm - 9pm

Saturday, October 5, 2019, 1pm - 6pm

Sunday, October 6, 2019, 12pm - 6pm

Reiki I Attunement and Day Retreat at the Affelder House in Novelty, Ohio*

Sunday, October 20, 2019, 12pm - 6pm

* This retreat style dive into the modality of Reiki as a catalyst for healing and a tool for holding space is beneficial to all, even those that have previously received Reiki I attunements.

This program may be taken as one comprehensive training for both Restorative Yoga & Reiki or individually as two separate modules.

Early Registration runs through August 5, 2019. Payment Plans are available.


Deeply inspired by nature, poetry, the subtle body, and the language of silence, Gwendolyn has developed her own style of intuitive flow restorative yoga.

this 28 hour program offers:

  • Learn about deliberate rest, its benefits and its effects on the nervous system

  • Examination of Restorative Yoga poses, and modifications for every body

  • Mindful intention setting and clarification of Restorative Yoga’s purpose

  • Identifying discomfort and finding comfort

  • Adjustments and support using subtle energy points (as found in marma and acupressure)

  • Embodying the role as a teacher, the language of rest, setting space & holding space

  • Respect for the individual experience

  • Breathwork and Sequencing

  • Reiki I attunement and retreat day (Usui Holy Fire) including the history of Reiki, the Reiki precepts, offering Reiki to yourself and others, connecting to the soul of the practice, hand placements, meditations and a beautiful mid-century modern setting in the woods. Reiki I offers deep personal healing and a lifetime attunement to this powerful and gentle healing modality. This retreat style dive into the modality of Reiki as a catalyst for healing and a tool for holding space is beneficial to all, even those that have previously received Reiki I attunements.

  • A written handbook

  • 1:1 Mentorship

  • An intimate program, only eight students

  • 20 in person hours, 6 non-contact hours (home study and practice, practice teaching), 2 sessions of mentorship (over Zoom, email, or in person within 6 months of training)

  • Ongoing opportunities to audit / assist classes or workshops with Gwendolyn

My time with Gwen during the Caesura restorative & reiki training was deeply healing and moving. I felt supported, guided, and nourished in so many aspects. I could soak up all that Gwen has to offer for days on end! She is a wealth of information and her way of presenting it all is so calming and assuring. I loved the hands-on experiences we were offered, as that is how I learn best. I left the training feeling so full of love and gratitude, so empowered and aligned. I took away so much more than I ever could have expected from our time together. It has certainly changed my life in beautiful ways. I feel confident and prepared to create space for students of my own now. I cannot begin to explain how much I recommend Gwen and her offerings. This knowledge of intentional rest and relaxation is invaluable - a gift that will continue to nourish myself and others for as long as I live.
— Alexandra

CAESURA // October 2019, Cleveland, Ohio

Please reach out with any questions or to reserve your spot.

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caesura//the pause: a reiki + restorative training beautifully presents what rest actually is, the importance of it and how to best interweave and advocate for it for yourself and within yoga classes. This was so masterfully created and presented by Gwen.

This training is one that unfolds with first exploring and understanding one’s own relationship with sleep versus rest. caesura expands upon and provides new concepts on the foundational 200 hour yoga teacher training. I most enjoyed the anatomy & physiology, asanas as well as sequencing portions of the training.

Also, I loved being able to expand upon my knowledge of energy work within restorative yoga. As a Reiki I Practitioner, it was important for me to understand how to best incorporate as an offering in my yoga classes.

Finally, the most invaluable part of this training is the mentorship. As a teacher, mentorship is so important. Gwen incorporates mentoring sessions within this training which includes shadowing your class and providing feedback.
— Danielle


about gwen & these practices 


My passion and advocacy for rest grows every day.  It is an undeniable force that brings clarity, vitality, and a deep sense of connection, imperative to living a balanced life.  Adaptable and welcoming, this practice is for everyone and it is necessary that we continue to support and normalize our relationship with these still, calm and reflective parts of ourselves.

After the loss of my mother at 25 I became the sole guardian of my teenage sister.  I was also immersed in my rhythm as a devoted Type A, midway through a decade long career in a creative, competitive, and stressful industry.  Rest practices, specifically Restorative Yoga, found me and sustained me.  They served as a way to integrate and process the fast pace and sometimes overwhelming nature of my work and personal life.  Held space for rest became a refuge, a reset, and a reminder – time for all the parts of me to feel whole and cared for, nurtured.  Time to feel deeply and explore my emotional landscape.  The results were immediate, the regular practice compounded, and it seeped into all parts of my life.  I was able to tap into my intuition, make better choices, and take the time to respond instead of react, making me a better leader, a better innovator, and a better friend, sister, and partner.  I felt closer to myself, and the truest parts of myself with every breath I took. 

Love, grief, uncertainty and change have been some of my biggest teachers on this journey.  Transition has played such a major role in my life, and my composure through these big shifts has been supported by taking time to sift through and sit with all the companions that arise.  The relationship that I have created with rest has allowed me to experience fully the sensations and synchronicities that guide my own sense of intuition and trust.

I am a forever student of rest and integration: from our nervous system to the physiological effects, creative poses, interesting sequencing, meditation, breathwork, philosophy and psychology, systems of Chinese Medicine’s Five Element theory and Ayurveda.  But just as important: nature, poetry, energy healing and the comforting and profound concept of “Nurture” have guided me to a graceful, creative, and fluid practice that I can call my own – deeply me.

That is what I hope to share with Caesura // a Restorative & Reiki Immersion: my own findings to catalyze and inspire your journey, and the development of something that feels deeply you.  The nurturing (there’s that word again) of your own gifts, talents, intuition, and voice.  An investigation into your own rest, and how you can translate that to share with others in meaningful and beautiful ways. 

Deliberate rest is time to process and to integrate our experiences and to recondition our nervous system.   To remind us all of the power we carry in our breath.  The power in our surrender.  To remember what it feels like to be supported (literally).  

Holding space like this can only be done with great purpose.  How clear it is in those moments: the pervasiveness of our conditioning, of our expectations, of our boundaries and lack there of.  There is an intensity, a gentleness, a vulnerability in sharing these moments with others.  In being a companion to this quietude.  In helping others feel expansive.  Reiki, a modality of subtle energy work, helps us better see through this lens, helps us offer ourselves in comforting and deep ways to witness these shifts.  

If this resonates with you, let us  g a t h e r.


I am so glad you made your way here.  This is your invitation: become an advocate for rest.  

We are all in this together, stronger together.


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