Spacious: a 35 minute restorative practice



This two-pose restorative practice is good for when you're feeling weary or worn.  With few words and little movement or introduction, it is held space for your own exploration of stillness.  For those not as familiar with honing the patience to . s t a y . it might be intense at first, but know there is no way to do it wrong.  With any luck, it will help you ground, center and release the common physiological responses that feed stress and anxiety.  

It is said that it can take 7-15 minutes for the body to acclimate to an opportunity of rest through stillness, intention, and breath, and when our nervous system begins to calm, shifting us into our mode of "rest and digest" it allows for brain and thought patterns to slow as well, setting the stage for deliberate rest and priming our body (and mind) to heal themselves, to recover from the taxing effects of being human. 

A great alternative to coffee or sugar as an afternoon pick me up or in the evening before bed to help you wind down, all that's really needed is a blanket, towel or pillow, 35 minutes, and a safe space to lay on the floor. I look forward to expanding this new way of sharing the practices that nurture me and to offering them to you soon.



Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 6.29.03 PM.png

If these considerations are available to you, you might:

  • darken the room, or use an eye pillow

  • turn your phone on airplane mode, or at least silence the ringer

  • take a journal with you, and jot down a few thoughts before re-engaging with your day

and below, you can get a visual of the practice, from top to bottom: child's pose, prone savasana, and supported fish.