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integrative reiki

Offering a lifetime of healing energy and knowledge as well as a nurturing, thoughtful presence, the body, mind, and spirit are guided towards balance and integration.

Reiki is a powerful modality of Japanese energy healing practiced by the laying of hands onto the body, with immediate benefits for stress reduction, releasing energetic blockages and promoting a shift in our experience of both emotional and physical discomfort.

Integrative Reiki sessions might also incorporate where needed: AAT techniques (Aroma Acupoint Therapy as taught by Tiffany Carole), sound healing, guided breathwork or visualization as well as influences and practices from eastern medicine (Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements and Ayurveda).

Reiki may also be used during private Restorative sessions. Restorative Yoga is a subtle yet pervasive practice that creates space and opening in the body and mind through passive practices that ask us to let go and observe.  



There is deep rooted knowing.

It is wise but oh-so quiet.

You are wise,

but only if you can

nourish the space in which their voices grow.


cartography: an immersion series

Is it time that you actively approach a feeling or sensation that has lingered with you?  

If you are feeling stagnate, uncertain, in the midst of transformation or on the brink of discovery, consider this a commitment to yourself.   Open yourself to uncovering your process.   To unearthing a truth that might not be clear yet.  An affirmation of trust.

This consecutive four week program includes weekly private reiki or reiki/restorative sessions, a beginning and end assessment, as well as guidance for soul work that will help on your path. Exploring modalities that are complementary to your growth, you may benefit from intention setting, meditation, mindfulness practices, ear seeds and marma therapy, all which will support the connection you are forming with yourself.

You are your own greatest teacher.  You are your own greatest healer.  Together we will draw the maps to navigate you home.  

Investment // $425 for a 4 week session

If you are interested in the Cartography series you might also reflect on the offerings of Manifestation.  



reiki attunements

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