A retreat is an offering of intentional space.  Curated, hospitable, and thoughtful in their approach, these gatherings give room for your own personal explorations in the presence of a caretaker and a guide and a community of others - the power of sharing in this tender work.  The experiences of a retreat might vary depending on the locale and the itinerary but the mission remains the same: can we remember what it feels like to be deeply ourselves?


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This day retreat is about taking inventory before the winter.  As we watch the trees bare and leaves blanket the ground, as outside becomes hushed, as we become quiet, we'll spend this day reflecting on our year and choosing what to carry forward. 

A third in a series of "almost silent retreats" and the first on a weekend. 

this event is currently s o l d . o u t

but we’ve added a mostly silent afternoon on Friday, November 2nd, offering meditation, sound healing and journaling our time will culminate in a chance to share a snippet of your story.

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